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Larry Bullard is the founder and organizer of ACTS Community Network and Life 360 Seminars LLC, organizations that inspire and motivate others through the power of positive thinking, communication, leadership, and spirituality. Headquartered at the Peter S. Knox Conference Center, the ACTS Community Network spreads the word of God, demonstrating His love, and educates people in the Augusta, Georgia, area. Some of Mr. Bullard’s efforts through the organization include establishing a rescue mission in South Carolina, launching a number of community churches, and mentoring disciples in their spiritual instruction. With 35 years in ministry teaching and training, Mr. Bullard devotes himself to cultivating future leaders and promoting the church. These efforts helped to garner for Mr. Bullard the 2007 Church Health Award from Saddleback Church. Mr. Bullard’s volunteer efforts include spending time in New Orleans following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, when he and over 40 volunteers took part in 4 trips to bring relief to hundreds of affected families.

As a speaker for Life 360 Seminars LLC, Larry Bullard works with Dave Wood and Cliff Richards to ignite passion and offer training and coaching seminars for almost any business. Beginning his sales career selling peanuts as a child, Mr. Bullard gained people skills through sales and retail and developed a strong understanding of executive work by leading several church congregations and organizations. He offers his insights to businessmen, companies, churches, families, and communities to motivate people and enrich lives. Mr. Bullard’s firsthand experience allows him to speak on everything from customer service, event planning, and personal development to relationships, communication, and religion. Larry Bullard’s seminars help in forming good communication habits, dealing with challenging people, managing employees, and attracting customers. Larry Bullard has delivered talks in over 30 states and lectures at an average of 70 presentations yearly.

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